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Palo Santo: a guide in ethical sourcing and how to use with intention in your daily life.

Palo Santo Incense

I fell in love with Palo Santo at first whiff! It should be no surprise (at least to me) that it is distantly related to the Boswellia tree, where Frankincense oil comes from – my all time favorite. Palo Santo grows in Central and South America and is known as their “Holy Wood”. The fragrance has hints of pine, mint, and lemon.

How is Palo Santo traditionally used?

Andes Shaman use Palo Santo for many purposes, including physical, mental, and spiritual healing. Healers use the energetic properties of Palo Santo to purify spaces, dispel unwanted spirits, and cleanse negative energy. Palo Santo connects you to Spirit, helping you to communicate with Source energy through meditation. It helps you relax and brings a sense of peace to you and your surroundings. When I inhale the scent, it grounds my energy, and a feeling of peace washes over my entire being.

Is it okay to use Palo Santo in my practices - from an environmental and cultural viewpoint?

Palo Santo has become overused and exploited, but it is not currently endangered. However, it is our duty to make sure we are using sustainable sources, and that suppliers are participating in Ecological Harvesting.

The Palo Santo tree, botanical name Bursera Graveolens, grows in many places in South America and is not currently endangered.
Palo Santo, botanical name Bursera Graveolens, is found through out Central and South America.

Using sources that replant and

support future growth of the Palo Santo tree is important for future generations and for the well-being of our ecological environment. While associated with the Indigenous Peoples, there is no harm using this Holy Wood in your Spiritual, Cleansing, Meditational, and daily practices if done with awareness and respect (as with all things in nature). What we do want to ensure is that we are respectfully using it, not overusing it, and not depleting resources from the Indigenous Peoples who use this Holy Wood ceremonially.

As a product of this Earth, I feel it belongs to all of us, but it is also our responsibility to make sure this treasured wood is sustained for future generations and for ecological diversity.

How can I incorporate Palo Santo into my day?

There are many ways to incorporate Palo Santo into your busy day, with the easiest way being wearing Palo Santo. You can wear a Palo Santo bracelet or necklace. Rubbing the beads through out your day, while focusing on your intention(s), releases the aromatic scent of Palo Santo, as well as connects you to the energy of this sacred wood.

If you have extra time you can light Palo Santo wood or incense and take in the calming and balancing fragrance as you sweep your Aura with the smoke. Then direct the smoke into your spaces, giving particular attention to corners or any areas that feel heavy.

If you have an altar or meditation space, be sure to clear this area frequently with Palo Santo for brightening and re-energizing. You may also use the smoke to clear your crystals, crystal grids, or crystal healing jewelry.

If you are short on time, I suggest using Palo Santo Essential Oil on your wrists and other pulse points. Palo Santo Spray also makes a refreshing light body spray so you can carry the scent with you. Sprays are also convenient for when you can not use smoke (such as visiting family or staying at a hotel, or whenever you don't have time to do a smoke clearing).

If you are feeling indulgent or need to literally wash away the energy of the day, try a Palo Santo bath soak or a Palo Santo foot soak (your feet will thank you for it). Light a candle, burn Palo Santo incense, and listen to relaxing music to let go of the energies of the day. Soak for a minimum of 20 minutes.

Harvesting dead, fallen Palo Santo in Peru.
Harvesting dead, fallen Palo Santo in north Peru.

How does Crystal Musings source Palo Santo?

Crystal Musings buys Palo Santo wood beads directly from a small Peruvian family-owned business who harvest the wood near the north coast of Peru. They are certified with the Ministry of Agriculture of Peru (required by law) and only use naturally fallen trees that have laid on the forest floor for a minimum of 4 years or longer. As you may know, the most fragrant and therapeutic oil is from trees that have naturally died and fallen, sitting on the forest floor for at least 3 years. The longer the tree has laid there

fallen, the more beneficial and fragrant the oil. This company also participates in reforestation efforts to regenerate Palo Santo trees in the area. Local artisans from the family’s town make the beads and other Palo Santo products, thereby, helping local families support themselves.

Crystal Musings uses a local source who is part of a small family business in Peru to source Palo Santo wood and incense. Palo Santo essential oil is sourced from Peru and Ecuador (based on availability). These sources follow best practices in ethics and sustainability, and are certified by their fellow authorities.

Palo Santo sourcing in Peru
Supporting small family business in Peru.

What Palo Santo items does Crystal Musings offer?

Palo Santo jewelry: The pieces smell amazing ! You can enhance the natural fragrance of the Palo Santo beads by rubbing them with your fingers, or adding essential oils such as Palo Santo, Frankincense, Neroli, or Myrrh.

Palo Santo Bath Salts: Hand-crafted in small batches, relaxing and purifying Palo Santo Bath Salts are a blend of detoxifying bath salts, Lavender buds, and essential oils.

Palo Santo Fragrance: Clear your spaces and your Aura without having to burn the wood or incense. Clear Quartz chips included in the bottle magnify the energies of Palo Santo and your intentions.

Palo Santo Wood and Incense: Burn Palo Santo for clearing your spaces, crystal clearing, meditation, and protection. Use before and after social gatherings, new homes, and celebrations.

How do you incorporate Palo Santo into your Spiritual practice? Let me know in the comments!

Love & joy,



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