Grounding to the Earth using Crystals

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Look at all of that Smokey Quartz! Nothing makes me happier than a chunk of smokey quartz. Grounding, amplifying, filtering all those negative vibes out of my way - you really can't ask for much more than that, honestly. My husband gifted me a nice chunk mined right here in Colorado, and is layered with iron for that extra punch. I put it at the bottom of my feet while doing a corpse pose (that is yoga speak for non-yogis, which honestly could include me...) and just suck up the positive vibes and earth energies. While I do spend quite a bit of time in my head, I do like the feeling of being and staying grounded. Yes, crystals can help you with that.

I like to use stones that work to balance the Root Chakra (at your tailbone) and the Earth Star Chakra (about one foot below your feet). There will be a separate blog on Chakras to catch you up to speed on why they are just so cool - just give me a few. Now, I personally like a stone that resonates with my Earth Star Chakra, because otherwise my energy can really get off balance with my overactive mind. However, the Root Chakra stones are equally awesome, as they are nourishing and gentle - while giving you a kick in the booty. Anyways, perhaps I should stop with the Chakra talk for now until I can get that blog post out of my head and onto paper. I have stones to talk about!

Black Obsidian

This stone was one of the very first stones that was added to my collection when I was a little girl. Obsidian creates a strong shield against negativity from others and the environment. It relieves stress and tension in both the mind and body, as well as dissolving emotional trauma. It helps you to stand your ground by bringing clarity and strength. Think of this as warrior energy. Native Americans created arrowheads out of Obsidian for spears and weapons, and also wore them for protection, courage, and strength. Today it is also used to "cut" energetic cords. For a more gentle variety, try Snowflake Obsidian, which is also wonderful for dissipating one's own negative emotions. Suggested Use: placed near your body, such as in your pocket


Sepatarian is a combination of brown Aragonite, yellow Calcite, and Limestone. This gives this stone the qualities of grounding and uplifting energy. This is a gentle stone that will basically keep your "head on your shoulders" - instilling you to be an energetic and vibrant being while still staying grounded and connected to what truly matters to you. Sepatarian helps to keep you flexible in your thinking, and helps you to communicate and shine in front of others. Think of it as a strong sunflower - firmly rooted in the soil, effortlessly swaying in the breeze, and spreading its petals towards the sun. This stone works well for the Root Chakra, as well as the Solar Plexus Chakra, which links directly to the Throat Chakra to aid in communication. This is a very balancing stones for our times, as many of us struggle with grounding, owning, and speaking our power. Suggested Use: keep it on your work desk

Black Kyanite

I feel this stone has similar energy to Obsidian, and is very effective in dissolving "cords" of non-beneficial energy from your aura. Ever have that sticky, icky feeling around certain people? As if their bad energy has glued right on to you? Black Kyanite can help with that! You can use it as a talisman that you keep with you. However, another great way is to use it by sweeping the stone a few inches away from your body in a down and out motion - sweeping away any negative energy or attachments. We call it an energetic shower. (Yup, like a bar of soap, but you don't have to scrub with this!) If that doesn't impress you enough, then also know that Kyanite effectively clears, aligns, and grounds all imbalances in your chakras. Suggested Use: for an energetic shower

Smokey Quartz

Okay, so I have already told you about my love and adoration for Smokey Quartz. I am always buying more, and have to remind myself that I have plenty. Smokey Quartz is one of the most powerful stones for clearing and purifying your emotions and auric fields. Smokey Quartz is also known for detoxifying all that electromagnetic crud (yes, I am talking about that Wi-Fi that you are swimming in). Plus it helps lift depression, neutralize negativity, and dissolve fear. I feel that the darker the stone, the more grounding to the Earth it is. Plus it is absolutely gorgeous! And yes, I do keep one under the bed just below my feet - to help melt away the day's stress and just in case my dreams try to take me a little to far away ... Suggested Use: under your desk at work or under your bed at home, near your feet

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is a must-have for your energetic cleansing routine. It literally (okay, well it seems that way to me) sucks up any negativity that it encounters, and then purifies and transmutes it into positive energy. I carry a piece of it with me anywhere I go and I have a piece that resides under my bedtime pillow. It has a calming effect when you are stressed and grounds you to Earth when your thoughts are scattered. Black Tourmaline is widely used for space clearing as well. This is the practice of purifying and protecting the space in which we spend our time. A piece above or on either side of your front door will help to neutralize negative energy that tries to pass thru. You can also grid your house, individual rooms, and your land with Black Tourmaline to offer protection from outside influences. Suggested Use: near your front door way, and near your body, such as in your pocket

Lodestone (Magnetite)

Lodestone is another stone that I like to keep in my mojo bag that I carry with me. This is a heavy stone that brings me instant comfort from its weight (think of a cozy heavy blanket on a cold winter night). This grounding stone instills a harmonizing and calming energetic vibration throughout your entire body. Because this stone is also naturally magnetic, it is a stone that balances polarities and brings all of your energy fields into resonance with one another. It focuses on releasing fear, anger, and attachment, which assists you in trusting your own intuition. Lodestone balances your intellect with your emotions, so you can make thoughtful decisions. This stone really packs a punch and I highly recommend adding it to your collection of grounding stones. Suggested Use: Hold in your hands with intention, as part of your night time meditation or similar routine (please keep away from electronics)


This is also a heavy iron-ore similar to Lodestone (but it is not naturally magnetic). This stone will also give you the same comforting vibe. My favorite variety is Boitroydal Hematite (pictured here). Notice how it looks like it is bubbling up. This bubbling effect helps pull out toxic emotions and bring thoughts we are stuffing down back up to the surface so we can deal with them once and for all. This stone is incredibly grounding and calming as it transmutes all negative vibes from your energy field. It is also beneficial when you are overwhelmed as it will attract, negate, and dissipate nonbeneficial energies. Hematite is great to anchor your energy back into the earth by placing it between your feet while you are in a seated or laying down position. Suggested Use: By your bedside table, or under your pillow


Shungite is a powerful stone that has been getting a lot of attention lately for its diversity, including its protection from electromagnetic radiation. It is known to be very effective in neutralizing and balancing the Root Chakra and the Earth Star Chakra. Shungite helps you to identify and deal with your toxic emotions and mental thoughts, and anything that no longer serves your highest good. It is considered a guardian, a great protector, and infuses your auric field with positive light energy. This in turn protects you from others negative emotions and energy. It strengthens your resolve to cut energetic cords that are keeping you from own personal truth. Another use for this stone is to place a tumbled piece in your glass of water, as it will help neutralize almost all organic compounds due to its high carbon content. Suggested Use: near your computer and other EMF generating electronics

Red Garnet

I feel relaxed and grounded just gazing at Red Garnet. This marvelous stone has the strength and compassion of a gentle Mother and a pure Goddess. Red Garnet's energy is so powerfully energizing, protective, and safe that I honestly feel like I have super powers when I work with its energy. It strengthens resolve, brings courage and hope - it revitalizes your life energy. Garnet roots you firmly in the ground and connects you to the present moment in all its bliss. It purifies, energizes, and balances your energy so that you may take on the world with confidence and feeling like the universe has your back. Red Garnet brings passion back into your life so that you may discover and carry out your life purpose with strength, beauty and grace. Suggested Use: Hold in your hands with intention, as part of your morning meditation or similar routine

Red Jasper

Red Jasper grounds you to the Earth Star Chakra via the Root Chakra. This assists you in remaining centered, and stabilizes your emotions by giving you strength, endurance, and energy. This is a very gentle stone that gives tremendous results. I find that I use Red Jasper and its varieties in a lot in my jewelry because of this reason. It is a common companion to Turquoise in many traditional Native American jewelry. Red Jasper is a common stone revered by Native Americans. They use it to create a connection to Mother Earth's energies, including to call down rain and to search for water. Suggested Use: Wear it as a necklace or bracelet

Please note that all of these stones have other unique properties in addition to what I touched upon here. Would you like to learn more about the properties of these stone? Then subscribe to my email list on my Contact page or follow me on Instagram and Facebook.

I also highly recommend the following crystal books:

Love is in the Earth : A Kaleidoscope of Crystals by Melody

The Crystal Bible Volume 1, 2, and 3 by Judy Hall

The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian

The Crystal Healer Volume 1 & 2 by Phillip Permutt

Have a great one friends!


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