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My Story

What an adventure this life has been!  Who knew after so many years that I would finally realize everything in my life has directed me to this moment.  Crystals have always been such a part of my life, that I was even born with the name 'Crystal" under the sign of "Gem"ini.  Coincidence or not, so many happenings launched or crossed my path to get me here.  Sometimes I brushed off the signs and took another direction, but the path always found its way back to me.  The journey has taken me to a place where I now feel urged to share this knowledge with you and your circles, so that you may initiate your own path to your true calling, to your self-discovery, and to your dreams.  Because to me, crystals are so much more than rocks - they are a part of the universe that binds all of us in an energetic dance.  I welcome you to dance with me on this journey!

Love & Joy,


Crystal Energy Artist

Certified Crystal Healer

Crystal Reiki Master

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