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An Introduction to the Earth Star Chakra

Do you ever feel ungrounded? Or have difficulty maintaining your energetic boundaries around others? Have you worked with your Root Chakra but have not seen any improvement or change?

If so, your Earth Star Chakra may be out of balance. The Earth Star Chakra is one of hundreds of chakras that make up your energy system, but you may not have heard about it before. This chakra sits about 12" below your feet and connects to your minor Foot Chakras, creating an inverted pyramid. (Download your own chakra chart and chakra resources here.)

The colors associated with this chakra are typically Black and Dark Brown,

but can include other colors such as Deep Red and Dark Green.

You may ask, why is it so important to work with my Earth Star Chakra - aren't the main 7 chakras enough? To put it simply, no.

In the modern society that we now live in, we are spending less and less time in contact with nature. Using computers on a daily basis, having our cell phone near us almost always, driving to work or running errands, zoning out in front of the TV at night –

all of these things can leave us

feeling ungrounded and disconnected

to our life and our happiness.

... Now what is so mind-blowing about this chakra? ...

The Earth Star Chakra is where your Life Purpose and Life Path are stored, along with all the various roads a soul may take to accomplish your Life Purpose.

When you incarnate on Earth, the Earth Star is what anchors and "locks" your Soul into the physical plane, connecting you to your Body. It not only connects you to your physical body, but to Earth, and the consciousness of all humanity and all living things.

This chakra also provides the daily energy required for life - pushing Earth life force energy up into all of your lower chakras. When connected, you can easily pull energy up thru your Earth Star Chakra whenever it is needed. However, it is not only for receiving energy, but it is also fantastic at transmuting energy. The Earth Star Chakra absorbs and transmutes excess energy and non-beneficial energy back down into the earth. This is great for dispelling negative energy that you may pick up thru out your day.

Your Earth Star Chakra is your connection to your family history, ancestors and karmic patterns including unprocessed issues, trauma, and cycles from your family lineage. When you work with healing your ancestral energies you have the ability to heal legacy, ancestral, and karmic issues from previous, current, and future lifetimes (including not only yours, but those of your family). You are essentially creating a ripple in time, balancing the energy across multiple life times.

... so what does an unbalanced Earth Star Chakra look like? ...

  • You feel ungrounded – perhaps you are unfocused, spacey, or out of touch with your own needs, feelings, and body. You may feel like you are not in your body – essentially your energy field has stepped outside of your body.

  • You may be unable to appropriately handle stress or cope with everyday tasks, and have difficulty maintaining boundaries with others (leaving yourself open to “energy vampires”). You may have difficulty separating your feelings or reality from those of others.

  • Physical issues include – foot, ankle, and leg problems; bone issues; adrenal issues; weight issues; cravings for root vegetables; sensitivity to electropollution such as EMF’s; and seasonal allergies.

  • Emotional issues include – avoidance issues; difficulty staying centered and in the body; unknown fear; mental issues; vulnerable to psychic attack.

... now, what crystals can help you to balance the Earth Star Chakra? ...

There are many crystals that you can work with to balance, ground, and energize your Earth Star Chakra. Here are my top 3 or 4 stones for each category, organized by intention. (Grab your own Earth Star Chakra Crystal Kit here!)

crystals, essential oils, smudging tools
  • Grounding/Connecting/Balancing to the ​​Earth Star Chakra – Black Obsidian, Black Kyanite, Hematite, Smokey Quartz

  • Gentle Connection/Balancing to the Earth Star Chakra – Almandine Garnet, Red Jasper, Tiger Iron, Dravite

  • Linking the Earth Star Chakra to Spirit – Tibetan Quartz, Chiastolite, Moqui Marbles, Silver Sheen Obsidian

  • Ancestral Connections/Karmic Patterns – Leopardskin Jasper, Turritella Jasper, Brown Larvikite

  • Connecting to Nature/Earth Healing – Tree Agate, Chlorite in Quartz, Aragonite, Petrified Wood

... and how you can use crystals to balance the Earth Star Chakra? ... read on for a few of the ways you can connect with this chakra!

Earth Star Chakra Crystal Grids and Body Layouts

One of the best ways to connect with your Earth Star Chakra is by meditating in front of a crystal grid or by using crystals in a body layout .

earth star crystal grid

A crystal grid is a formation of crystals in a specific pattern each with a specific intention for balancing the chakra. In the picture shown I have created a grid for Ancestral Connection. I used Aragonite in the center, surrounded by Boitroydal Black Agate, Apache Tear, Leopardskin Jasper, and Petrified Wood. On the outside, Smokey Quartz and Rutilated Quartz energize and complete the grid.

A crystal body layout is the practice of laying down with specific stones in specific areas on or around the body to balance the energies of the chakra. This is best done outside while lying in the grass. When doing the below crystal body layout, keep your focus and energy on rooting deep into the Earth, as well as spreading your roots laterally to connect with all of life here on Earth.

  • Basic Grounding Body Layout– choose a spot outside, preferably on the grass; gather 2 Earth Star crystal points (or tumbles if you do not have points). Place one Earth Star crystal at or near your Root Chakra (between your legs is fine, point facing down), and another crystal one foot below your feet (point facing down). If extra grounding is needed you can place another crystal at your Thymus Chakra and/or on both outer sides of your knee; lay here for 15-30 minutes and relax absorbing Earth’s energy and the energy of the stones. Practice daily or weekly to strengthen and balance your Earth Star Chakra.

Everyday Ways to Incorporate Earth Star Chakra Crystals

  • Wear Earth Star Crystals in your jewelry to ground you thru out the day

  • Keep a medicine bag with the crystals and a piece of Sage or Frankincense resin

  • Place a crystal under your bed around 12” past where your feet lay

  • Place a crystal under your desk at work, near your feet or on the top of your desk

  • Meditating with the Earth Chakra crystals

Essential Oils

You can use essential oils to balance your Earth Star Chakra in several ways. You may apply them diluted on the bottom of your feet and on your wrists (test for sensitivity first). Diffusing a few drops or using candles with essential oils in them is a wonderful way to enhance your meditation or to infuse your space with grounding energy. Here are my top 3 oils per intention to use with the Earth Star Chakra.

  • For Earthly Connection and Grounding – Cedarwood, Black Pepper, Palo Santo

  • For Purifying/Releasing Energies into the Earth – White Sage, Frankincense, Red Clover

  • For connecting the Earth Star Chakra to the Soul Star Chakra – Frankincense, Myrrh, White Sage

  • For Ancestral Connection / Releasing Karmic Patterns - White Fir, Frankincense, Myrrh

To begin working with your Earth Star Chakra you may include any combination of the above methods. Consistency and commitment are the key to balance and breakthroughs. Pace your self, and do not do more than what is comfortable. Many things may come up, and you will need time to process all of this new information and doorways. I wish you success on this journey!

To help initiate you on this path, I have created an

Earth Star Chakra Balancing Crystal Kit which includes 5 Earth Star Chakra Balancing crystals.

Please check my Shop page for all of my Crystal Chakra Kits.

Energy Healing (in all forms) is not to be considered a substitute for conventional medicine. If you have health issues, please consult your doctor or mental health professional, and make complementary Energy Healing a part of your complete health care program.

Please elevate your spirituality responsibly!

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