An Introduction to the Earth Star Chakra

Do you ever feel ungrounded? Or have difficulty maintaining your energetic boundaries around others? Have you worked with your Root Chakra but have not seen any improvement or change?

If so, your Earth Star Chakra may be out of balance. The Earth Star Chakra is one of hundreds of chakras that make up your energy system, but you may not have heard about it before. This chakra sits about 12" below your feet and connects to your minor Foot Chakras, creating an inverted pyramid. (Download your own chakra chart and chakra resources here.)

The colors associated with this chakra are typically Black and Dark Brown,

but can include other colors such as Deep Red and Dark Green.

You may ask, why is it so important to work with my Earth Star Chakra - aren't the main 7 chakras enough? To put it simply, no.

In the modern society that we now live in, we are spending less and less time in contact with nature. Using computers on a daily basis, having our cell phone near us almost always, driving to work or running errands, zoning out in front of the TV at night –

all of these things can leave us

feeling ungrounded and disconnected

to our life and our happiness.