Calming Crystals for Empaths

Are you “peopling” today? During the Holidays we empaths are immersed into a world that we would rather view from our cozy couch, with a good book in our hands. However, we know that really isn’t realistic. It is not that we don’t want to hang out with you … we are just a bit out of sorts in this world. We feel everything, and I mean we feel it deeply to the core. Your thoughts are our thoughts, and sometimes we may not know the difference. It can fill us with anxiety, worry, and stress – sending us from a state of bliss to utter chaos in seconds. It is just who we are. (Love us anyways!) So, when I “people” I like to wear a necklace similar to the one pictured to the left – it is simple enough to wear with many outfits, can be worn long and swaying, doubled, or a combination of the two. I am at my best self when I wear this style of necklace – it is my “shield” and without it I would be off in the corner with my face in a book or plowing thru social feeds on my phone (not the worst thing in the world, right?).

Read below for the crystals that I recommend for when you go out into social situations. I have included multiple grounding and protective stones, as well as a few to help you from feeling so overwhelmed.

Labradorite with smokey quartz, moonstone, and tourmalinated quartz.


Labradorite calms your anxiety and self-loathing, and replaces these thoughts with self-confidence and joyfulness. Labradorite dispels negative thoughts and energies (yours and others) and brings harmony during social interactions (which can be needed by many families as they mingle together over the holidays). Labradorite helps you to express your ideas, beliefs, and emotions. It energizes your imagination, and awakens your sense of adventure - perfect for all of those holiday parties.