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Moon Phases Crystal Kit includes intuitively selected Rainbow Moonstone, Larvikite, Peach Moonstone, Chocolate Moonstone, and Black (Silver) Moonstone plus a Selenite Crescent Moon. Use during the various phases of the moon or use in a monthly moon cycle crystal grid.


Tumbles are approximately 5/8" to 1". Packaged in an organza pouch.   Informational card on crystal properties and how to use your crystals is enclosed with your order. (Wood plate not included.)



Rainbow Moonstone is known as the Goddess stone. It has a reflective but soothing energy, helping you to realize your own Inner Goddess. This stone cultivates joy, gratitude, and brings harmonious balance to your emotional bodies. Rainbow Moonstone carries the energy of the Full Moon.


Peach Moonstone a powerful crystal for connecting to the sensual, creative being that you are. This is a soothing, nurturing stone that reminds you to shed what is not truely a part of you to step in to who you are. Peach Moonstone is helpful to use when the Full Moon is waning and can also be used any time the moon's energy is throwing your emotions off center.


Chocolate Moonstone connects you to Spirit for your earthly purposes - helping you to manifest your Spiritual goals into this lifetime. It connects your Sacral to the Divine Universe for a flow of Universal information to help you birth your dreams. Chocolate Moonstone is useful to use after the New Moon, when the moon is in the waxing stages.


Black Moonstone assists you in identifying what you need to shed in your life; helps you evaluate your path forward & what you would like to change. Larvikite carries the energies of the New Moon.


Larvikite is a supportive stone during the Moon cycle for making rational decisions, manifesting your desires, and completing goals. Larvikite carries the energies of the New Moon.


Selenite is very cleansing to your surroundings & emotions; helps you to create a "blank slate" so you may easily implement positive changes. Selenite carries the energies of the Full Moon and supports all moon cycles.



Each order is cleansed and attuned to your energy and intentions. All crystals and items are set under moonlight on a Selenite plate and under a Copper Pyramid. In the morning I smudge with Palo Santo to cleanse and balance the natural healing properties. I use my Crystal Singing Bowl for sound healing and infuse the stones with positive, healing energies. Before packing, I infuse each item with healing energy, using Crystal Reiki with your highest intention in mind. I enclose dried Sage, Flowers, and Selenite or Quartz chips to cleanse and maintain the vibration of the items.​


Love & joy,


Moon Phases Crystal Kit

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