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Colombianite & Libyan Desert Glass Bracelet

Colombianite & Libyan Desert Glass Bracelet


Colombianite is a pseudotektite from Colombia that is over 30 million years old, and is even more rare than Moldavite. Colombianite illuminates your darkness and light, so you know what needs to be released.


Colombianite activates your Soul Star, Crown, Third Eye, Root, and Earth Star Chakras, connecting you to your intuition and to the Spiritual world, while also grounding you to Earth. Colombianite is a powerful crystal for past-life recall, helping you integrate wisdom into your life here on Earth. It helps clear past trauma and dissolve negative energy in your auric layers, helping you to access and follow your Divine path.


Libyan Desert Glass is a deeply transformational stone, resonating with your Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Third Eye Chakras. Libyan Desert Glass promotes Ascension and attunes your energies to Spirit. This stone benefits empaths, offering protection from negative energies. Libyan Desert Glass increases your self-esteem, confidence, and manifesting abilities. In addition, if you find it difficult being on the Earth during this lifetime, this stone will help you ground you to Earth so you may continue your journey and life path during your time here.


Colombianite and Libyan Desert Glass faceted rondelles center the Antique Brass fine chain. 7" bracelet with lobster clasp.