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The perfect collection for any Chakra enthusiast or as an introduction to the Chakras. Complete with cleansing Sage to clear your space, crystals for each major Chakra, and Amethyst tower and Frankincense tealight for mediation. This specially curated set is boxed and ready to gift to your self or to others.


  • 7-Chakra crystal set - Amethyst, Sodalite, Blue Chalcedony, Amazonite, Yellow Aragonite, Brecciated Jasper, Garnet
  • 4" Chakra Sage with Sinuata Flowers
  • Chevron Amethyst small tower
  • Frankincense Vanilla tealight
  • Information on the included crystals
  • Packaged in a kraft box, kraft shreds, and ribbon
  • Ready to gift


Chakra Crystals include Amethyst, Sodalite, Blue Chalcedony, Amazonite, Yellow Aragonite, Brecciated Jasper, Garnet. Information on each crystal and how to use your crystals is included with this gift box.


Chakra Sage is made with California White Sage and Sinuata flowers. Use for space and crystal clearing, meditation, and protection. This is perfect to use before and after social gatherings, new homes, celebrations, and weekly energy and space clearing.


Chevron Amethyst Tower is Amethyst with layers of White Quartz. This crystal calms your emotional body, promotes spiritual awareness, and connects your Third Eye and Crown Chakras. Chevron Amethyst clears your Aura of any negative energies, and replaces it with positive vibrations.


Frankincense Vanilla Tealight is locally made with soy wax and essential oils. Light during meditation, when working with your Chakras, or to bring the sacred fragrance into your space.



Each order is cleansed and attuned to your energy and intentions.  All crystals and items are set under moonlight on a Selenite plate and under a Copper Pyramid.  In the morning I use Palo Santo smoke to cleanse and balance the natural healing properties.  I use my Crystal Singing Bowl for sound healing and infuse the stones with positive, healing energies.  Before packing, I infuse each item with healing energy, using Crystal Reiki with your highest intention in mind.  I enclose dried Sage, Flowers, and Selenite or Quartz chips to cleanse and maintain the vibration of the items.​


Love & Joy,


Chakra Balance Set

$36.00 Regular Price
$28.80Sale Price
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