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Black Tourmaline protects you against negative energies and psychic attack.  This stone purifies your aura, transmuting dense negative energy into a positive vibrations.  Black Tourmaline works to combat EMF and geopathic stress.  This is a very grounding stone and strongly resonates with the Root and Earth Star Chakras.


Black Tourmaline palm stones are approximately 2". Sold individually and intuitively chosen for you.

Each order is cleansed and attuned to your energy and intentions. All crystals and items are set under moonlight on a Selenite plate and under a Copper Pyramid. In the morning I smudge with Palo Santo to cleanse and balance the natural healing properties. I use my Crystal Singing Bowl for sound healing and infuse the stones with positive, healing energies. Before packing, I infuse each item with healing energy, using Crystal Reiki with your highest intention in mind. I enclose dried Sage, Flowers, and Selenite or Quartz chips to cleanse and maintain the vibration of the items.​


Love & joy,


Black Tourmaline Palm Stone

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