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Karmic healing gemstones connect you to past, present, and future energies. Wear daily or use during meditation for assistance in healing Karma across lifetimes. Made with 27 gemstone beads, 4 complete rounds will equal a full 108 bead mala for reciting mantras and intentions.


  • Mini Mala is approximately 9" around
  • 7/8" Snowflake Obsidian pendant 
  • 8mm Canadian Jade round beads
  • 8mm Shaman Quartz round beads
  • 8mm Mystic Merlinite round beads
  • 8mm Mahogany Obsidian round beads
  • 8mm Leopardskin Jasper round beads
  • 4mm Silver rondelle spacer beads
  • Eco-friendly packaging



Shaman Quartz assists deep karmic healing, bringing deep healing from past life attachments and events. This crystal releases past-life trauma and/or early childhood memories that may have caused fear or stress. Shaman Quartz is also a stone for journeying and connecting with your Spirit Guides and Ancestors.


Mystic Merlinite helps reveal the deepest shadows hidden within yourself for healing and acceptance. This crystal will show you how to integrate these shadow gifts into your present being for the greater good.


Leopardskin Jasper is a grounding stone that helps you view and incorporate spiritual energies from an earthly perspective. This stoneealigns and reattunes you to your energetic blueprint as you release karmic influences. Use Leopardskin Jasper when connecting to your Ancestors for guidance and knowledge.


Jade cultivates tranquility and generates good karma into your life.. This multi-dimensional crystal provides a link to other timelines to explore and release karmic interferences. Jade promotes communication with Ancestors and Spirit Guides for growth and awareness.


Mahogany Obsidian assists you in releasing and emotionally letting go of past life attachments, cords, and agreements. This stone assists you in reclaiming who you are at an energetic level through multiple timelines. Mahogany Obsidian is a stone of fire and strength.


Snowflake Obsidian is a gentler form of Black Obsidian, that brings truth, balance, and transformation into your life. This stone calms and soothes your emotions, and helps you recognize and release negative thought patterns.



Each order is cleansed and attuned to your energy and intentions.  All crystals and items are set under moonlight on a Selenite plate and under a Copper Pyramid.  In the morning I use Palo Santo smoke to cleanse and balance the natural healing properties.  I use my Crystal Singing Bowl for sound healing and infuse the stones with positive, healing energies.  Before packing, I infuse each item with healing energy, using Crystal Reiki with your highest intention in mind.  I enclose dried Sage, Flowers, and Selenite or Quartz chips to cleanse and maintain the vibration of the items.​


Created for you with Love & Joy,


Karmic Cleansing Mini Mala

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