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Agni Manitite combined with Palo Santo beads to brighten and connect your Upper and Lower Chakras. Wear daily on your wrist for spiritual and earthly connection and to assist you in manifesting your best life. You may apply essential oils to the Palo Santo beads, with my best Chakra recommendations for this bracelet being Palo Santo, Frankincense, Angelica, and Sandalwood.


  • 8mm Agni Manitite round bead
  • 8mm Palo Santo round beads
  • Premium stretch bracelet avilable in sizes 5-9"
  • Enclosed in a chocolate brown jewelry box
  • Eco-friendly packaging



Agni Manitite is a pseudo tektite found in the Indonesian Archipelago. Agni Manitite works with your lower chakras to manifest and anchor your spiritual mission here on Earth. Resonating with your Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras, it helps with the creation of your dreams and goals, and empowers you to manifest them into being, while working with your Root and Earth Star Chakras to bring you vitality and strength, while creating a deep connection to Earth and Ancestral gifts.


Palo Santo beads sourced directly from Peru from a family business focused on sustainable and ethical cultivation and regeneration of forests.  Every bead is made from naturally fallen Palo Santo trees that have laid on the forest ground for 3-4 years to activate the oils you smell in the wood.


Palo Santo wood stick ethically sourced from Peru from a local Peruvian family.  There are many benefits to burning this "Holy Wood" including the following:

  • clears negative energy from your jewelry, your crystals, and your spaces
  • invites love and harmony into your space
  • relaxes your mind and relieves stress
  • is a natural bug repellent, so it is ideal to burn near your outdoor spaces



Each order is cleansed and attuned to your energy and intentions.  All crystals and items are set under moonlight on a Selenite plate and under a Copper Pyramid.  In the morning I use Palo Santo smoke to cleanse and balance the natural healing properties.  I use my Crystal Singing Bowl for sound healing and infuse the stones with positive, healing energies.  Before packing, I infuse each item with healing energy, using Crystal Reiki with your highest intention in mind.  I enclose dried Sage, Flowers, and Selenite or Quartz chips to cleanse and maintain the vibration of the items.​


Created for you with Love & Joy,


Agni Manitite Palo Santo Bracelet

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