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Moldavite, Biotite & Black Opal Drop Earrings

Moldavite, Biotite & Black Opal Drop Earrings


Moldavite is a fusion of star dust and earth, uniting Heaven and Earth.  Moldavite has an intense frequency, and you may feel this upon being in its presence or touching it.  It connects you to other worlds, other energetic frequencies, and beings.  Moldavite is a transformational stone that brings you closer to the Spiritual world for guidance and knowledge and awakens your psychic ability.


Biotite strengthens your Third Eye, helping you to see visions and to channel information from the Spiritual world.  Biotite helps you to access your past lives, as well as helps you in connecting with your Highest Self to assist you in expanding your Soul's consciousness.


Australian Black Opal brings cleansing white light into your Auric layers, helping to dissolve stress, feelings of hopelessness, fears, and unhelpful energy.  Australian Black Opal links your lower chakra to your upper chakra (Root/Earth Star to your Crown/Soul Star), helping you to manifest your Soul's desires and purposes.  This is a protective gemstone that acts as an energetic shield, keeping you safe as you move thru your deep inner