Amethyst Meditation Crystal Kit

Uplevel your meditation with the Amethyst Meditation Crystal Set.  Amethyst opens your Crown & Third Eye Chakras for Divine messages from Spirit.  Selenite palm stone connects you to your Soul Body and Spirit while nourishing all of your Chakras.  Black Tourmaline protects and creates a safe place for you to journey.  Palo Santo clears away negative energies and spiritually uplifts.  Smudge yourself, your crystals, or your healing space.  Frankincense candle sets the mood for intention setting, contemplation, and healing on the Soul level.


Meditation Crystal Set includes: 2-3" Brazilian Amethyst Cluster, Selenite palm stone, 5" Palo Santo wood, 4 medium Black Tourmaline, 3-4" Lemurian Laser Quartz wand, Frankincense soy-based tealight - packaged in an organza bag.


All items are smudged with Sage and set under moonlight on a Selenite plate to cleanse and balance the natural healing properties of the stones and metals.  Before shipping, I infuse each item with healing energy, with your highest intention in mind.  I enclose dried sage, flowers, and Selenite chips to cleanse and maintain the vibration of the stones.  To learn more about my Clearing & Intention Process click here.


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Amethyst Meditation Crystal Kit